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Dress Code

Required Attire

Creative Dance I, II & 5-6y classes – Pink leotard (any style), pink skirt-optional, pink tights, pink leather full sole ballet shoes and black tap shoes that buckle or tie.


Ballet and Tap (ages 6-7y)  - Black leotard (any style), black skirt-optional, pink tights, pink leather full sole ballet shoes, and black tap shoes that buckle or tie.


Classical Ballet (ages 8-11y) – Black leotard (any style leotard, black skirt-optional, pink tights and pink leather full-sole ballet shoes.


Classical Ballet (ages 11 & up) – Black leotard (any style), black skirt-optional, pink tights and pink leather or canvus split sole ballet shoes. 


Classical Ballet Advanced - Solid color leotard any style, any color skirt-optional, pink tights and pink leather split sole or canvus ballet shoes.


Tap (upper level classes, 11y-up - Black tap oxfords, slip on or lace.  If student already has the Mary Jane with strap tap shoe, they can be worn until 12 years of age.


Jazz/Contemporary – Black jazz shoes slip on or lace, any color leotard, tights, dance shorts with tights, leggings or t-shirt and jazz pants. May wear paws for contemporary class, however, teacher may want student to go barefoot.


 Boys (3-11y) - Solid color t-shirt, black shorts, sweats or jazz pants, black leather full sole ballet shoes, black jazz split sole and black oxford split sole taps.


Boys (12y and up) Any color t-shirt, pants or knee shorts of choice or tights, black leather split sole ballet shoes, black jazz split sole and black oxford split sole taps.

Class Descriptions

3yr - 5yr Classes


Nurturing a love of dance at a young age sparks a passion for the art form. Creative Dance I & II are classes designed for the very young. These classes are full of fun and dance related activities to keep the child’s interest.


Creative Dance I

(3 & 4 years of age) is a 45 minute class that introduces child to move with the music as they learn simple steps to improve motor skills.  Tap is introduced through simple song and dance steps. To enhance creativity, children will participate in role play with the use of props.  Very basic ballet etiquette is introduced. Child will need ballet and tap shoes.

Creative Dance II
(4 & 5 years of age) is a 45 minute class that is an extension of Creative I. Child will begin to coordinate movements together and work on flexibility. Focus is on the development of motor skills and emotional expression.  Ballet etiquette is gently taught.


6yr - 7yr Classes

Pre-Ballet and Tap combination class

Students begin learning basic fundamentals of ballet barre technique and simple steps center floor using terminology necessary for ballet training. Tap fundamentals are also taught at barre and center floor exercises to enhance rhythm and coordination.  Role playing and props are still used at end of class to enhance creativity and self expression. 


Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet begins around 8 years of age and poise, self-confidence and posture begin to develop through this discipline.  Students begin to have an understanding of  ballet technique and see their accomplishments through the strict discipline that is required.  Students are recommended to take at least two ballet classes a week beginning age 8.  Our program offers a professional training program and students are able to move to the next level as they make progress.  Ballet is the most beneficial for body placement and the best foundation for most dance forms. 


 Baird Ballet offers a technique class for students 8-15y on Thursdays from 4:00-5:00 (at no extra charge) if they are already enrolled in a ballet class.  This will help the child to make progress that is beneficial.  Students need to see progress in their first year of classes to keep them motivated.  Stretch and conditioning are included in this technique class.   Please be advised by the director for other classes student may attend.


Pointe Classes

Student must be taking two ballet classes a week and at least 11 to 12 years of age to be evaluated for pointe.  Only when the back, abdominal muscles, legs and feet are strong enough may the student begin pointe work.  If child begins ballet classes at age 8, twice weekly, she should be ready for pointe at age 11-12.  



This class teaches the student coordination while learning rhythmic combinations.  Students enjoy the quick accomplishment that can be learned through this training. Learning to tap dance will help you stay on a beat and improve your rhythm and balance.  Tap is widely used in Broadway shows such as "42nd Street" and "The Chorus Line."



Students love contemporary for it's self-expression, storytelling and freedom.  It pulls from traditional dance styles like ballet, modern and jazz.  It breaks away from the strict discipline of ballet but yet uses it's beautiful lines and flowing movements.  Contemporary dance is incredible interpretive and is often used in musical theater, music videos, movies and more.



Jazz class offers a freer and less restricted form of dance.  Students learn funky and trendy dance steps to Broadway style routines. Dancers are encouraged to add their own personality to make each step unique and fun.  Jazz steps include basic turns including chaines, piques, pirouettes, jazz turns and some ballet turns, to name a few.   Warm-ups and floor exercises are given at the beginning of the class. 

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