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Rome Studio Classes

If a student is more advanced in a certain area, the student is allowed to take a more advanced class with permission from the director.

Students that are enrolled in a beginner or intermediate ballet class ages 8-up, it is recommended to a ballet technique class also. For students to reach pointe level, they must be taking two ballet classes a week, and for this reason, the studio offers one free ballet technique class on Thursdays from 4:00-5:00. A technique class focuses on body placement, strengthening, and flexibility needed for skills such as jumps, leaps, turns and pointe work. Students must be approximately 12 years of age and take two ballet classes a week to go on pointe.  It is recommended for all students to take a technique class along with their regular ballet classes.

Ballet is the backbone to becoming a good dancer. Whether your dreams are to become a professional ballet dancer or just dance for enjoyment, the dancer will benefit from the training. Ballet teaches poise, posture, strength and flexibility to name a few.  Ballet is a fantastic creative outlet which helps to develop self-expression in new and exciting ways. Ballet gives you an opportunity to perform as you move through elegant and graceful choreography, and this can do wonders for self-confidence. Whatever the reason for your study in ballet, there are a multitude of benefits that will follow you the rest of your life.

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