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Pre-Ballet 6-7y 

This class teaches basic technique at the barre and center floor along with terminology necessary for ballet training.  Gentle discipline and encouragement are combined to help prepare the child for classical ballet. 





Classical Ballet begins at 8 years of age and poise, self-confidence and posture begin to develop through this discipline.  Students begin to have an understanding of  ballet technique and see their accomplishments through the strict discipline that is required.  Students are recommended to take at least two ballet classes per week.  Ballet is the most beneficial for body placement and the best foundation for any other dance form.   As students begin to advance, they will be evaluated by the director and will be moved to the next level.    


Only when the back, abdominal muscles, legs and feet are strong enough may the student begin pointe work.  A student can be placed on pointe at age 11 1/2 with proper preparation.  Students are placed on pointe at the discretion of the director. 


This class teaches the student coodination while learning rhythmic combinations.  Students enjoy the quick accomplishment that can be learned through this training. 

Jazz / contemporary

This class offers a freer and less restricted form of dance.  Studetns learn Broadway to Contemporary dance routines.  Warm-ups and floor exercises are given at the beginning of the class. 




       Fall Registration in the Rome Studio

August 4, 2018

2407 Garden Lakes Blvd

Rome, Ga.  30165


Summerville Studio

33 Jakeville Ave

August 11, 2018


Pre School enjoy Creative Moves









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Technique Classes for the serious student

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