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Nurturing a love of dance at a young age sparks a passion for the art form. Creative Dance I, II and III are classes designed for the very young. These classes are full of fun and dance related activities to keep the child’s interest.


Creative Dance I

(3 & 4 years of age) is a 45 minute class that teaches rhythm and coordination through creative movement. Tap is introduced through simple song and dance steps. To enhance creativity, children will participate in role play with the use of props.  Very basic ballet etiquette is introduced.


Creative Dance II
(4 & 5 years of age) is a one hour class that is an extension of Creative I. Child will begin to coordinate movements together and work on flexibility.  Ballet etiquette is gently taught.


Creative Dance III

(5 & 6 years of age) is a one hour class that introduces simple barre work and center floor steps to strengthen the legs and feet.  Children still enjoy creative movement with the use of props and story telling.  Tap exercises are also taught at the barre and center floor to increase rhythm and coordination.


Pre-Ballet and Tap combination class

(7 -8 years of age) is a one hour class that offers a more structured ballet barre and center floor along with terminology necessary for ballet training. Tap fundamentals are taught at barre and center floor.





Classical Ballet begins at 8 years of age and poise, self-confidence and posture begin to develop through this discipline.  Students begin to have an understanding of  ballet technique and see their accomplishments through the strict discipline that is required.  Students are recommended to take at least two ballet classes per week.  Ballet is the most beneficial for body placement and the best foundation for any other dance form.   As students begin to advance, they will be evaluated by the director and will be moved to the next level.    


Pointe Class


Only when the back, abdominal muscles, legs and feet are strong enough may the student begin pointe work.  A student can be placed on pointe at age 11 1/2 with proper preparation.  Students are placed on pointe at the discretion of the director. 



This class teaches the student coodination while learning rhythmic combinations.  Students enjoy the quick accomplishment that can be learned through this training. 


Jazz and Contemporary


Jazz class offers a freer and less restricted form of dance.  Studetns learn funky and trendy dance steps to Broadway style routines. Dancers are encouraged to add their own personality to make each step unique and fun.  Jazz steps include basic turns including chaines, piques, pirouettes, jazz turns and some ballet turns, to name a few.   Warm-ups and floor exercises are given at the beginning of the class. 

Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet.  Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance.





Hip Hop dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music.  It includes a wide range of styles such as breaking, locking and popping.  These classes are offered periodically within our regular jazz classes




August 3, 2019, 11-5 pm

2407 Garden Lakes Blvd

Rome, Ga.  30165



August 10, 2019, 11-4pm

33 Jakeville Ave


                     Classes begin

         Tuesday, Sept 3, 2019                To-pre-register please print our registration (under tuiton/schedule tab) form and mail to the studio with $20 registration fee.  Fee is waived if register by August 3.  

Baird Ballet

2407 Garden Lakes Blvd

    Rome, Ga.  30165       


Technique Classes for the serious student


 7-8y Classes enjoy making friends

 Creative Dance      enjoys  rhythm games and props


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